Jakub Tököly

Jakub Tököly was born in 1990 in Nova Bana, Slovakia into a family with Romany provenance.

Since his early childhood he has been growing up in musical environment, in a family of deep musical tradition, and he soon got interested in piano.

During 1996 and 2002 Jakub studied at basic music school in his home town Nova Bana. When he was 14-years old failed in love with recordings of Ray Charles and traditional Afro- American Gospel. He continued his studies at Conservatory of Jan Levoslav Bella in Banska Bystrica. Here he met a important professional Slovak jazz pianist Klaudius Kováč, who consequently became his jazz teacher. During this time Jakub started getting into swing and bebop, finding his idols in pianists such as Teddy Wilson, Duke Ellington,Charlie Parker, Oscar Peterson and later his interest in jazz deepen musicians like Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, Herbie Hancock or Kenny Kirkland. The powerful influence on his music has Europe artificial music mainly composers as Frederic Chopin, Alexander Scriabin and Claude Debussy.

Jakub Tököly attended Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno and then enrolled at Konservatorium und Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien.

As a leader he founded Nothing but New trio. This project is concentrated in own musical concept where Tököly expanding his skills and knowledge through own compositions and with visions for a new sound of acoustic piano trio. In this year was this trio in studio and recorded his debut CD - coming soon. This project participated in several Jazz Competitions :

The New Faces of Slovak Jazz (Bratislava) - 1st prize (Nothing but New) and Jakub got prize for a composition Nothing New.

The Jazz Contest (Prague) - 2st prize (Nothing but New)

As a sideman, Jakub has been member of Martin Uherek Quartet and trio of Robert Ragan JR (Hi-Fly ) Both formations are similar in their striving for interpretation of straight ahead jazz music.

In years 2011-2013 was a pianist of quartet of Lukas Oravec. With the band completed many performances at clubs and festivals in Europe (Hungary, Spain, France, Austria, Croatia)

During his career he has appeared at several festivals as a member of different projects with famous musicians of European scene : Juraj Bartoš, Gabor Bolla, Radovan Tariška, Peter Solárik, Vincenc Kummer but also with young generation of jazz musicians : David Hodek , Martin Gasser, Jan Fečo and others.

Jakub has been a growing talent and is not becoming a recognized young pianist, as part of the young jazz generation of Slovakia. He has appeared at several festivals both in Slovakia and abroad and keeps true to the traditional style, while enriching it with his own language.